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What we do

Core Services

iLeague Wireless is premier services provider specializing in Mobile data, Technology sales and other various technology services. Our experience allows us to take on diverse projects and deliver world class solutions for our growing customer base. Our approach is to simplify requirements be clear and deliver on our promises to customers.

Mobile Data Sim activation services

SIM card data for Modems, Tablets, Wireless hotspots and other specialty connected devices. We support Rogers, TELUS, AT&T and Verizon Networks for connectivity services. Our team will manage the onboarding, setup and restriction setting for client SIM cards.

Mobile Hardware Sourcing

We resell new and certified preowned mobile hardware from the majors brands. Apple, Samsung, Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless, Digi to name a few. Our team has experience sourcing a single device or 100s depending on what your project requires and budget. All of the preowned hardware we sell come with a 90 days quality guarantee, this insures the reliability of your device. Talk to us about accessories full kitting and staging solutions as well.

Business Technology Services

Our team resells multiple technology business service from many providers. The key services we offer solutions for are: Cell Phone activations on BELL, ROGERS or TELUS, Business Internet (Cable, DSL or Fibre) VOIP, Teleconferencing and more.

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