Terms and Conditions

All overdue invoices will be subject to a late payment charge of 2% compounded monthly (28.82% per annum). The amount will be applied to the invoice automatically if payment is not received by the due date.

Hardware purchases are due within 15 days of date of invoice unless other arrangements have been made.

You can pay your iLeague Group Inc. bill by cheque, credit card, direct deposit, e-transfer or using either Paypal or our integrated payment gateway (Quickbooks). We do not accept Credit Card payments for hardware purchases. If you wish to pay by e-transfer, please email [email protected] quoting the invoice number.

Cheques can be mailed to:
iLeague Group Inc.
Unit 116 – 450 Bronte Street South
Milton, Ontario, Canada
L9T 5B7

Please allow enough time for payments to reach us.  Seven (7) business days may be needed for mail and three (3) days for bank payments. iLeague Group Inc. will credit payments to the account on the day they are received.

Insufficient funds are subject to a hold on the service. Security deposits do not appear on your bill. Your service may be suspended if you do not make full payment of your monthly bill as required.


Our service period runs from the 25th of each month to the 25th of the upcoming month. Invoices will be generated within 7 business days from the month end (25th of each month) unless you are on an alternative payment schedule. iLeague Group Inc. operates without customer contracts, but service agreements are available. At the end of a service agreement, your service will continue month to month, subject to the service terms applicable at that time. During the service period, iLeague Group Inc. will not increase your monthly plan rate or the volume of data included, but iLeague Group Inc. may change other charges, or apply additional charges after giving you thirty (30) days’ notice. iLeague Group Inc. is acting as an agent for the data service only, and assumes no responsibility for the provision of the service. Your use of the service is subject to the Service Terms. The Service Terms express important legal rights, obligations and limitations.

iLeague Group Inc. provides the service “as is” and “as available.” The service may fail or be interrupted for many reasons including environmental conditions, technical limitations, defects or failures, limitations of other telecommunications companies’ systems, emergency or public safety requirements, or causes beyond our reasonable control. You use the service at your own risk.

iLeague Group Inc. may at any time make changes to its networks and undertake maintenance to network services without notice to you. iLeague Group Inc. may also update or change the software, features and settings on our network, including through “over-the-air” instructions sent without notice, to ensure the device meets our providers standards. While such activities are undertaken, the service will not be available.

iLeague Group Inc. will not be liable to you or to anyone else for loss of profits, data, earnings, business opportunities or any other loss caused by use or failure of the service or any device used with the service.

The iLeague Group Inc. network is able to support a wide range of equipment. However, if you use equipment not purchased from iLeague Group Inc, the service may not work with your equipment in all areas.

These service terms (including any rates and charges) may be changed unilaterally by iLeague Group Inc. from time to time on at least 30 days’ notice to you with your bill, and such changes shall become effective once you use the service after such 30 day period (which use shall be deemed conclusively to indicate acceptance of such changes). If iLeague Group Inc. materially changes a term of service that is subject to the term commitment, in a respect that is unfavorable to you, you may cancel this agreement without termination charges by sending a notice to iLeague Group Inc. within 30 days of your receipt of the notice of change.

Agents: As a reseller of this service, the terms and conditions listed above will apply to your use of the service. iLeague Group Inc. has acted as an agent only for the activation of your data service and assumes no responsibility for the provision of the service.


To iLeague Group Inc: I have read the terms set out on this service agreement and agree to comply with them. I agree that the rates and data (as applicable) set forth will apply to my use of the iLeague Group Inc. service. No matter what may be described in my device’s documentation, I agree that any use of the iLeague service by me or any person I allow access to my device will mean that I unconditionally accept the iLeague Group Inc. Service Terms.